The Wujido Institute founded in 1992 supported by the Wu Chi Chuan Martial Arts Association is UNIQUE among the martial arts schools in the world.  Our goal is to seek and promote both Martial Art TRUTH and Martial Art WISDOM.  This makes the Wujido Institute and its branches and schools many grades above the martial arts school on the corner.

Fundamental truth in Martial Arts requires realism and historical and scientific factual basis with a clear goal and assumption.  What is that assumption? That the true roots of martial arts are hidden from the masses of mediocre and shallow martial schools which only look at the surface and seldom penetrate into the essence of this truth.

The result of this many decades of research and scientific approach, in which we all take part,  is the stripping away of the myth and delusions that many martial artists hold as truth and as a result the vast majority of martial artists have to satisfy themselves with only a partial accompishment.  Spiritual Bravery is as much a part of a martial artist as toughness and physical development.  Authentic Being, is a must if a martial artist is to achieve the heights of unstoppable confidence, fearlessness, purity of intent, clarity of mind, virtue, and victory over adversity.

A Family Oriented School of the Martial Arts

Grandmaster, having successfully trained hundreds and thousands in his 46 years of training and teaching through experience has clarified several very important goals for the training of children, young adults, and older adults to lead them to essence of the truth of martial arts and the true goal of all the systems of martial arts.

This goal requires commitment and perseverance and a dedication to laying a foundation that is unshakable and that will serve to enhance all areas of a persons life.  Most importantly of course the physical ability to truly be able to defend onself from harm with all the necessary tools.  All will be taught in a rigourous and systematic way that will have that person whether he or she is young or old allowing them to achieve a level of physical and mental fitness unequaled by other systems.  It can be said to be truly comprehensive in every way.  There is no corner untouched in the training.  no aspect or skill left out.  Ideal for either the beginner or the advanced black belt.  Young or old the training under this experienced and knowledgable master is complete and superior.  46 years of dedication has uncovered many well hidden secrets and treasures of Wushu, Kungfu, Bushido, jujitsu/Chinna, DienXue, ChiGong, Mediation, Yoga.  He is truly one of the highest ranked and most knowledgable masters in the world.

bust-shot12Even today there are very few masters as capable to teach in the most thorough and insightful manner, unlocking the methods and techniques in amazing and eye-opening ways, explaining and teaching with such clarity that even a child can learn.  It is a fact that those that train under him rigorously and take his teaching to heart will without doubt take their place at the top of the GangHu world.

Although the Grandmaster has multiple high Dan rankins in many arts He has focused primarily on THREE for the last 20 years.  It is these three vehicles that are the basis for your training and education.  There is yet even more for those that walk through the inner door teachings.

Kong Shou Dao

Chinese Karate.  Because Karate and Taekwondo are so popular in the USA the Master uses Kong Shou Dao as the foundation upon which to teach the oldest and most powerful Wushu/Kungfu forms and methods of the Shaolin Temple.  Kong Shou Dao is suitable for the young to teach them discipline and self control and also effective fighting skills to protect themselves when they are attacked by bullies or criminals.  It is also especially suitable for the young adults and those with athletic talents who want to learn an amazing system of combat and self defense to give them confidence and mental focus and discipline.


Yang Family Taijiquan

Sun Taijiquan Open and CloseMany people come to Tai Chi  to recover their health and to learn how to be relaxed and focused, to find a better way for their life.  This is commendable and we encourage all to take up this life rejuvinating process.

What is not as well known is that Taijiquan also has a powerful martial art aspect when trained correctly, and also what we refer to as an alchemical aspect which comes from the Daoist Yoga basis that the Tai Chi principles are founded upon.

Master has studied under 6 Taijiquan masters, the last of which was the Yang Family in 2004.  After many years beginning in 1975 when he started training in Taijiquan, he decided to seek out the Yang family and spent 46 training hours comparing, adjusting, and learning how the Yang family members teach the art.

10 years later in 2014 after countless hours of study, research, and continual practice Grandmaster had finished his research and could claim to have recovered 5 lost methods/techniques no longer practiced in the traditional Yang family 108 Taijiquan Taolu, the traditional set they teach.  Also the form as taught by Grandmaster can now be said to be MORE ACCURATE to the 3rd generation than the Yang family presentation.  He also teaches the original Yang family 67 section form, that he learned from them, improved through study of Chen Wei Ming who brought the 67 Taiji sword into the system.

Because the Yang system does not have a legitimate saber routine and no true expert of the Saber method Master has instead brought in the Wu Tai Chi 108 saber routine which by contrast is of high authenticity and development.  Other weapons from the various Tai Chi families are taught at the instructor level.


shaolin-reliefDr Harkins 9th Dan PhD MMA is the High Grandmaster and founder of the Wujiquan system.  It was Grandmaster who discovered in the beginning a photograph of a pressed bamboo dated from the Han Dynasty with sketched figures of “Wuyi” exercises in 1973. His subsequent research generated a spark that grew into a fire that never went out; and like a mysterious wind blowing this way and that, had lead him into a lifelong investigation and the discovery and recovery of a system originally known as Wuyi known to be the “original” Chinese martial art and to ressurect it.  A system at that time that was long dead and buried and only occasionally mentioned in scientific wushu journals in the Universities of China.

Master, having a history of biblical Science and Hermunetical Studies well equiped him for the long and arduous investigative work necessary to recover an art that it seemed that no one else had any interest in, even in China.  As it was and still is the Chinese Wushu/Kungfu community is assiduously occupied with developing the modern branch of the art with a view to Olympic competition.  Years of study and researched coupled with rigourous training under one of the greatest masters alive Dr. David Brownridge 10th Dan PhD MMA, with the guidance also of many other masters (this was the physical and practical side of skills development). Ultimately after some 25 years Master had assembled a rational and systematic Wushu that comported with all the requirements and methods of what can be called original Chinese Kungfu/Wushu.  This path also lead to the learning of many well hidden secrets, methods, and skills that are now considered by many to be myth and the methods and skills no longer recoverable.  Not so any longer.  The resurrection of an ancient system of Wushu long dead and buried and the skills that accompanied them led to an invitation from China to the Beijing Univiercropped-logo2016.jpgsity Wushu Deparment and many trips abroad from 2000 to 2012 and later.

Some demonstrations had so impressed the wushu community that even the department heads and high ranking masters became divided, some jealous.  However, today, several masters have been assigned to re-engineer Wujiquan with limited successes.

An Extremely Rare Opportunity

Grandmaster has been in retirement for two years but has agreed to come out of retirement for a set period of time for the legacy, to help guide and direct his senior students and to take on more students at this time.  If you are serious about learning martial arts, especially the Chinese Wushu/Kungfu style of martial arts one would be a fool to pass up the opportunity.

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