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All of the following styles of Chinese Martial Arts are part of our weekly training schedule.

Shaolin Kung Fu

The Shaolin Quan has its origin in India and through the 6th Chan Buddhist Patriarch and others during the Sui and Tang Dynasty the establishment of the Shaolin system of Kungfu called Quanfa was born.  The true Shaolin Quan begins with a system of Chi Kung, Meditation, and a set of Martial Arts exercises.  From that grew the vast systems now included as Shaolin Kungfu today.  Train focus, power, endurance, flexibility, and also the training of the mind – everything an excellent martial artist needs.

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Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an internal style of Chinese Kungfu and the most widely practiced martial art in the world today. It is based on the principle of the soft overcoming the hard. The term ‘Tai Chi’ means the “grand ultimate” and emphasizes the interplay between soft and hard, internal and external and the philosophy of Yin and Yang.

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Wujiquan (pronounced Woo Gee Chuan, also known as Wu Yi, pronounced Woo Yi) is the oldest extant martial art of China with an updated name. It is the classical battlefield kungfu used by the military disciplines from Han Dynasty to Ming Dynasty is not the same as modern era Wushu, and is not a sport. Only the truly serious need apply to enroll in this profoundly nuanced and advanced system of Wuyi (Martial Art).  In modern times the PLA teaches a modern ancestor in the form of Xingyi.

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