Kong Shou Dao-Chinese Karate

Mass Oyama once said that …

“Karate is the strongest martial art and Kyoshinkai Karate is the strongest Karate.”

What if someone were to tell you that there is ANOTHER Karate that is not only equal to but better in many ways than that!

What made the Kyoshinkai so great was the innovations and training methods of the great Mass Oyama.  Famous for being one of the most powerful of all Karate men.   What made this so special was the new and innovative ways he trained and practiced the traditional arts of bushido.

Kong Shou Dao is just like that.

Chinese Karate is not well-known in the United States.  Because it is Chinese and in China they have their own versions of both Karate and Taekwondo.  What makes THIS Karate so special and unique is that the style features some of the oldest and best and most effective and unique form sets.  Many are not aware that Karate uses what are called Kata as a method to teach.  Combined with hard work on the basics of strikes, kicks, and punches they use special sequences (almost like a warrior dance) to help the student more easily memorize and master the subtle and difficult techniques that require repetition and constant practice.  It is an extremely effective way to do things which happens to have been invented by the Chinese!

What is unique about Wujido Karate also known as Kong Shou Dao is that it utilizes the most ancient and best methods tested by time and proven the most effective of all in building up the body, teaching self-defense, training in all the known methods of martial arts including striking, kicking, throwing, grappling, wrestling; but not just that, also many esoteric skills pertaining to breath control, concentration and focus, building the spirit to a level of unstoppable confidence.

What would it feel like if you were to, six months from now, be able to look at yourself in the mirror and feel better, exhilarated and being in the best shape of your life, having increased confidence and will power, more satisfied and able to be at peace knowing you are capable of handling anything that comes at you.  How great would that feel.

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kid-grappling_01Children need discipline

It is a tragic waste of time and life when a parent believing every martial art is the same takes their child to a 30-months-to-a-black-belt factory.

At the end of 30 months the child often has learned almost nothing of value and what he or she has learned is not so much a benefit but often worse than that.  Horrific stories of injuries and negative changes in the child’s personality are not rare.  Just because a commercial school does not share such things does not mean it does not happen. This is why those schools have become little more that glorified day-care centers who have to resort to busing the children to get students!

Discipline first, train the mind and the body in the proper methods that comport with true martial art discipline.  The common ways are often harmful to the health in the long run.  So the old masters warned that training in the martial arts in the wrong ways leads to ruin and crippling injuries.

  1. Strong character in discipline
  2. Strong fundamentals
  3. Precision and Focused mentality
  4. Mastery of the fundamentals

There are no short cuts and there does not exist a genuine black belt who earned that black belt in 30 months.  There are very few legitimate black belts and that is why the black belt is no longer respected.  However, it is known the world over a black belt earned from Wujido Institute is a fearsome and highly regarded achievement.

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“Wujido is the new way to teach Kung fu that can work for anyone.”

Beginners are encouraged to attend classes two times a week for best results.

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For the adults who want to learn the deep things of Kung fu

There is no more thorough and deep study of the secrets of Chinese Kung fu than what can be learned here.   Make no mistake about it.  This Chinese Karate is the best vehicle to tap into the rich treasures of Chinese Martial Arts.  By creating a systematic and powerful method to learn each aspect of the world’s most complex and sophisticated martial art, Dr Harkins has indeed created a great treasure in the world.

1990 was the year this innovation became a reality in the Wujido Karate System. presented and acknowledged by renowned Grand Master Dr. David Brownridge 10th Dan PhD MMA and teacher of Dr. Harkins.  Since then the system has incorporated the 5 Animals Styles of Tiger, Crane, leopard, Dragon, and Snake.  Included is one of the most powerful systems of Chi Gong known, unique meditation and Yoga training.  All aspects of the ancient Shaolin arts are incorporated in a comprehensive and systematic process of personal transformation.  Anyone with heart and determination can learn.  The teaching is open and rational and accessible to the Western mind.

If you are an adult and you are really serious about the training and do not want to waste your time being led round and round by a cryptic teacher who either does not want to really teach you, or hides the fact he does not actually know himself.  Then you have arrived at precisely the correct school to accomplish your goals and your dreams.

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