Wujido-5 Animals 8 Methods 6 Harmonies Kungfu

Wujido is the most powerful and effective among Karate and Kungfu Systems because it combines the best of both. Mas Oyama, one of the greatest masters in martial arts history has said that “Karate is the strongest martial art”. Most people rightly believe that Kungfu is the most “sophisticated and subtle” of the Asian martial arts. Wujido fuses the best parts of Karate and Kungfu by one of the worlds highest ranked masters of both Karate and Kungfu into an amazing and incredibly powerful and sophisticated system of martial arts, self-defense and personal growth, and it does this holding true to both. It is a surprise to many but the truth is that Karate comes from Kungfu of the16th and 17th century. Karate therefore is Kungfu but also with the added benefit of the Bushido culture and intense focus on fundamentals so in Karate the creative and sophisticated aspect was subordinated until advanced ranks which few westerners obtain.  This is the challenge to black belts and individuals who have had some background in Karate, Taekwondo and other systems.  Wujido is the next level training for you.

Wujido retains the speed, focus, and power of Karate for which it is well known, but also has the technical sophistication and effectiveness of the most advanced techniques of Kungfu known to man, but taught in a clear and understandable way that makes it possible for anyone to learn it. The on-site training is dynamic and exhilarating putting the student through his paces easily equaling and surpassing the faddish fitness DVDs and systems in effectiveness but also done in safety with application of martial science.

The student learns how to kick and punch, deliver knock out power with both hands and feet, learn holds and throws, and also necessary ways to protect self and others in the real world equal to and exceeding mixed martial arts due to the fact that mixed martial arts is a very effective combat sport but the traditional systems are designed for the street. Wujido bridges the gap between form and application, sports and street application and effectiveness.  Technique has more than a single level, in truth there are multiple levels of understanding and applications eg. level 1, level2, level3, level4  each reaching a higher level of precision and effectiveness.  Very few masters have reached the legitimate high black belt level to be able to teach a student these things.

The styles so popular today and that are used by many bullies and street thugs are based on violence, aggression, and deception not the true technique because such people never submit to strict and disciplined schools emphasizing character development along with the training nor do they take the path of traditional schools that are often myopic and closed minded resulting in the Sifu unwilling to teach the true art or in fact often those schools have already lost the truth of their art due to the chain of tradition being degraded into rote memorization and mindless forms.  This was the impetus of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do and his theories of Kungfu that created so much controversy and in fact led to a world-wide revolution in martial arts.

Because the modern martial artist rejects certain traditional elements and often they are left out of the training can make that same person surprisingly easy to defeat if violence is unavoidable.  In this regard, Wujido teaches students how to avoid and neutralize violence in school and on the street without resort to violence.  If you know how, it will help you lead a life of peace, pursuing your hopes and dreams and avoiding violent trauma when possible, but having the confidence in yourself if you are forced to act.  Training from beginner to advanced levels and learning the elegant and sophisticated art of Chinese pressure points and control techniques is considered the most advanced form of martial arts in all styles; Karate, Kungfu, and Jujitsu.

Wujido is true “Old School” Kungfu and Shaolin Martial Arts, well researched and scientific, made up entirely of Shaolin Kungfu skills such as Chi Kung and many esoteric and sophisticated method and technique, and strict Bushido culture of discipline and focus. Wujido brings together the Shaolin Monk Boxing and also the  5 animals Shaolin Kungfu systems it confers upon the advanced practitioner the ability to mobilize incredibly powerful and sophisticated skills as a result of dedicated effort.

Wujido has a Chinese name also. This Chinese name is Wuxingbafaliuhe Quanfa which means  “5 Animals 8 Methods 6 Harmonies Shaolin Boxing System”.  Wujido incorporates principles of internal martial arts so it brings certain methods found in famous internal Kungfu styles of Tai Chi and Xing Yi  containing the theory of the 8 methods and 6 harmonies. These make it not only effective for self-defense but also has benefit for fitness, health, and longevity.  These scientific principles trained properly give the student the ability and opportunity to learn what are called the “higher” powers in Kungfu.  By incorporating these principles and methods Wujido has become a truly innovative and revolutionary way to teach Kungfu that can work for anyone.

 “Wujido is the new way to teach Kungfu that can work for anyone.”

Beginners are encouraged to attend classes two times a week for best results.  Classes are available every Thursday and Saturday.  Schedules are available upon request.  Just drop by and visit enrollment is as easy as filling out a short form and you can get started right away.

Cannon File Photo Download 7.10.2010 083For the kids there is the Young Tigers.  Young Tigers teach children discipline and confidence through rigorous and virtuous action.  Increased focus and fitness do wonders for confidence and grade point average.  Having the confidence and skill to walk through the world at public schools and in life in a way that keeps them safe and out of trouble is the Young Tiger’s way.   Respect for others, discipline, good practice habits all provide a strong foundation for later life.


All members and participants must observe our martial arts etiquette when on campus and on the training floor. Members should learn the Seven Requirements and etiquette.

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