Tai Chi-3rd Generation Yang Taijiquan

Wujido Institute of karate and Kungfu is proud to offer to the public a rare and unique opportunity to explore 3rd generation Yang family Taijiquan. What does this mean? It means that although there are many styles of Taijiquan and many versions of the Yang style, there is almost no instruction based on the oldest and most accurate form of 3rd generation Taijiquan as fixed with the postures and methods of Yang Chen Fu as HE taught them.

Wujido Institute also offers a comprehensive study of traditional Chinese esoteric healing methodologies, Qi Gong, Chinese Daoist Yoga and Meditation techniques, along with a system of exercises originating as far back as 200 BC.  We teach the complete system of the Yang family Taijiquan including sword and saber.

Beginner to Advanced

Basic Syllabus:

  • Daoyin Qi Gong
  • Basic Taoist Yoga Practices
  • Zhan Zhong energy gate training
  • Taiji Qi Gong
  • The 37 section beginner’s taolu

Intermediate Syllabus:

  • Intermediate Taoist Yoga Practices
  • Intermediate Qi Gong Practices
  • the orthodox Yang family Taijiquan 108 section empty hand routine
  • Yang (WuDang) Taijijian (Sword) 27 sectioin routine
  • Traditional Tui Shou training. (Push Hands)
  • Solo methods for partner work
  • Introduction to competitive methods and practices

Advanced Syllabus:

  • Advanced Taoist Yoga, 5 Animal Play, San Bao, Jiu Bao, QiXing QiGong
  • Advanced Zhan Zhong
  • Advanced Form Practice
  • 108 Empty Hand Tao Lu advanced studies
  • 48 Form Small Frame Study; unique shao jia study
  • 67 Traditional Yang Family Taijijian (Tai Chi Sword)
  • 27 Traditional Yang Family Taijidao (Tai Chi Saber)
  • Tai Chi Spear (Chen)
  • Yi Shuang Taijijian (Tai Chi Twin Swords)
  • (Yi Shuang Taijijian)
  • San Shou (moving steps Tui Shou)
  • Self Defense Application


All members and participants must observe our martial arts etiquette when on campus and on the training floor. Members should learn the Seven Requirements and etiquette.

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