Wujiquan: China’s ancient Jewel

Wujiquan is based on the earliest recorded martial arts of China.  In many ways it is comparable to what people nowdays refer to as Bushido.  Wujiquan is the warriors martial art.  Comprehensive in all aspects and deep, like the deepest lake hidden in the recesses of a mountain range into which very few people have ever walked.

Wujiquan contains many deep and esoteric ways of the Chinese Sage, the Hermit, the ancient Chinese warrior of a bygone era.  The story of how Wujiquan was discovovered in the 1970’s by Dr. Harkins and researched and developed to reinvigorate the old ways.  The richness of the tapestry of this art and its pure devestating potential was quickly realized and from that point on Dr Harkins dedicated himself to recovering as much of this Supreme Martial Arts Science as he could.

Rejecting the modern Wushu ways as being little more than fanciful demonstration of colorful and acrobatic movements, a shadow of their former glory.  The Wujiquan is an incredibly complex and beautiful system of the most deadly and effective techniques ever developed in the Chinese history of its martial arts.

The historical span of time covered in this research and recovery project is 220 BC to 1400AD spanning the period of the Han through the Ming Dynasties.  Almost all of what is taught in Wushu and Kung fu is from the Qing Dynasty to present, most being of relatively modern origin despite the narrative that it is otherwise.

Dr. James E Harkins is the founder of this system, all others are attempts at copying his work or just hijaking the name Wujiquan.  Wujiquan is not just another form of Shaolin, Karate, Tai Chi or other internal systems.  It is completely unique in its expression.

double broadsword_02As a result of his humiliating destruction of so many martial artists in challenge matches including American heavyweight champions, All-China Champions and many others who out of respect will not be named unless they rise up and deny and then they will be named.  As a result of Dr. Harkins reputation in the secret esoteric skills which are dying in China,  he was invited to the University in Beijing China to meet with important members of faculty.  This continued until 20014 when after a large banquet given in his honor by the founding of the University did not result in his joining the wushu department to promote Chinese wushu (as currently configured) the formal relationship ceased but private friendships of many of the department heads at Universities in Beijing continue to this day.  Some of them have even requested to become his students and also requested him to teach their children when they come to America.

Dr Harkins being also expert in all three of the main internal arts of Taijiquan, Xingyiquan, and Baguazhang makes him as rare and as unique a master as any generation has ever produced equalling the feats of famous Chinese masters of the bygone eras.

Wujiquan is specifically for adults from ages 17 to 55.  All other age groups are to be reviewed on a case by case basis.  Wujiquan is suitable for black belts  of more than 5to 15  years expereince as Wujiquan training is the most advanced Kung Fu training possible and although sometimes a beginner is accepted (this is very rare), advanced black belts from other systems has found Wujiquan an excellent training platform to train in the most advance principles of Wushu available.

If you are That person; then you should contact Dr. personally at (469) 925-5723 and discuss with him your goals, your background, and why you want to become part of the Longmen Xiongdi the brothers who train in this great martial art.  If he finds your request credible you will be assigned one of the brothers who will contact you and if you are found acceptable that brother will sponsor you and bring you in to have a final evaluation before being allowed to participate.

This is the elite the holy grail of the Chinese Martial Arts. No everyone will be allowed into this group of trainees.

For all other inquiries Call or Text us at (469) 910-5349

All members and participants must observe our martial arts etiquette when on campus and on the training floor. Members should learn the Seven Requirements and etiquette.

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