Wujido is one of the oldest and most successful schools in Dallas, TX

Dr. J. E. Harkins Grandmaster

Dr. J. E. Harkins: Dashi/Shihan 9th Dan Grandmaster Wujido Institute

       has more than 44 years of training and experience in the Chinese and Japanese forms of bushido/wushu. He began teaching in 1983, that is 31 years of teaching experience. He has taught and trained hundreds and even thousands of students from beginners to advanced black belt practitioners, military and professional security personnel over the years from professional athletes and personal trainers to men and women of all ages and occupations.




Certificates and DegreesDashi Harkins has trained in a vast  array of martial art systems of Chinese and Japanese origin under as many as 12 different masters, teachers, and specialists encompassing a vast array of Kungfu and Karate/Jujitsu type styles.  Styles such as; classical Shaolin Quan fa, orthodox Yang family Taijiquan and many more esoteric and rare wushu systems.  Virtually the entire time Dr. Harkins has trained under the direct guidance, supervision, instruction, and recommendations of  Dr. D. Brownridge 10th Dan Karate, 10th Dan Jujitsu, 10th Dan Taiweiguosu Wushu. Trained in over 80 individual kata/taolu, inventor or 25 plus unique kata/taolu.  He received his first 9th Dan certification on the 29th of May, 2004 under the auspices of the Global Union Martial Arts Federation. He received his 9th Dan recognition in Asia and Europe under the auspices of the K.I.K.A/K.B.M.A the World Martial Arts Alliance, September 20th, 2004. In 2004 he was inducted in the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Dashi Dr. Harkins is the Headmaster of one of the oldest and most successful martial arts schools operating in Dallas, TX.

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