Martial Arts Etiquette

  • All ranks shall show proper respect for senior ranks.
  • There shall be no uncontrolled talking or joking in the studio area by students.
  • Students shall show a spirit of dignity and respect during class and on the school grounds.
  • Bowing is a ritual sign of respect. We bow at the beginning and ending martial arts activities; drill, sparring, class. We stand at attention and bow as a sign of respect whenever a Professor rank enters the room. this is 4th Dan and above.
  • There shall be no horseplay.
  • All shall observe good hygiene.
  • We keep our fingernails and toenails cut short to avoid cutting or breaking of skin during drills or matching.
  • We do not wear jewelry in class.
  • We show consideration for our kungfu brothers and sisters good health and do not attend class sick with cold or flu.
  • All shall work diligently; however it is important to avoid dangerous overexertion.
  • All shall demonstrate proper respect for the training hall itself; participate with others to keep it clean and in good repair.
  • Address instructors as Sir or their Title. Titles include such as; Assistant Instructor, Instructor, Professor, Dr.  the Chinese ranking terms are:

Laoshi = teacher
Shifu = father/teacher/master
Shiju = grandfather / Grandmaster
Jaoshi = Professor / PhD
Dashi  = Head Professor/Head Master / Dr.

  • All participants should be in uniform in the classroom area and keep the uniforms in good repair.
  • Always keep emotions under control, focus discipline.
  • Never use excessive force in sparring and drills.  It is important to observe restraint and control one’s techniques so as not to injure a fellow student
  • No unauthorized sparring or challenges will be allowed.
  • Our rule is to test everything in the light of knowledge and reason.  However, all questions should be sincere, respectful and appropriate in time and place.
  • Observe the chain of command at all times (rank system).

Cultivate the 7 requirements
1. A Sincere Heart
2. A Persevering Spirit
3. Energetic Effort
4. Hold the Discipline Close To Your Heart
5. Train Focus
6. Respect Self And Others
7. Embrace the Good; Reject the Bad

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