Wujido Martial Arts School Features

Wujido Martial Arts School Features

Learn Authentic Chinese Martial Arts

We welcome students of all ages 3 years to 65+ years!

  • Learn from one of the top masters in the world

  • Online training in Kungfu and Martial Arts. The honorable grandmaster teaches live Thursdays and Saturdays in Dallas and Plano

  • The best and highest quality of teaching and training. Completely outclasses the competition.  You Learn Real Kungfu in a way that everyone can learn

  • Gain true and unstoppable confidence; learn self-defense and self-discipline, train amazing focus, training methods are incredibly effective found no where else and will give you greater energy, vitality, so the best look, the best shape of your life

  • 5 Animals 8 Methods 6 Harmonies Quan “old School” kungfu. You will do more, get more, achieve more; more out of your training, more for your life

  • One of the very few schools in the world teaching authentic 3rd generation Yang Tai Chi;  you get the original and the best with no compromise all aspects, complete system; health, fitness, relaxation, rehabilitation, inner power

  • More than 17,000 classes taught and supervised with more than 350,000 attendees over 31 years.  Unmatched experience, most knowledgeable.  The number one authority in the world teaching Wujiquan (Wuyi) the top master in the world in the Wujido system, 39 years training in Tai Chi under 6 masters

Transform YOURSELF With Real Kung Fu